Back to Writing: Going Postmodern

After spinning my wheels for a couple days,  grumbling that vacation left me creatively uninspired. I re-opened my writing project to where I left it so many weeks ago. And — shazzam! — I was back in the grove. I liked what I was reading and immediately jumped into revisions.

Today’s title is “Grand Exits: Mary’s Guide to Wising Up.” Is there such a thing as a third-person memoir, where you recognize that all the people who vastly influenced your life really only existed for a moment in time? That they all went on to become completely different people, not dependent on you at all? And that your memory is an unreliable trap anyway? So like they are practically fictional constructs by now?

But that in some bizarre way history is actually repeating itself?

To say that it’s a novel “based on a true story” seems very flat. Aren’t all novels “based on a true story”? So maybe I’ll couch it in high-minded yet arcane literary terms.

Fascinating. Not that anyone knows what the heck I’m talking about. I guess the point is that I’m back at work and excited about the project.

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