Franklin KY to Charleston WV

We stuck to our Relaxed Route plan across the scenic parkways of southern Kentucky (mostly state road 80) and up the eastern edge on US-23. But now that we’re in West Virginia, we smell home. Tomorrow, it’s Road Fever on the interstates north and east to Rochester. Vrooooooom.

The last leg of our route today was actually the most dismal — pelting oh shit! rain as we neared Huntington WV — the kind of downpour that blinds you and makes you pray that no one around you loses control of their vehicle especially not the gigantic trucks whizzing by. I was driving — I’m actually happy to be the one driving through crap since I don’t have to bark helpful road tips to Jim, which he loves. I can just apply my steering wheel death grip and focus.

Since we weren’t prepared to come home this way, we have no AAA guides. We relied on our GPS to bring us to a Holiday Inn Express — but not before getting snarled in rush hour traffic. I still have to consult a map, since I have no idea where GPS “Mabel” actually led us to. All I know is that there is a TGI Friday’s out my window and I am ready!!!

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