Grand Canyon AZ to Gallup NM

Today we shifted from the Santa Fe Trail mindset to the Route 66 mindset as we dropped south to Flagstaff, then across Arizona to the Petrified Forest and on to Gallup. Interesting how a lot of the towns are playing up their association with the historic route and refurbishing old diners and “charming” motels (like the one we saw with cabins shaped as giant teepees). (I have to confess, though, that we did a large portion of today’s travels on Interstate 40 at 75 mph.)

The Petrified Forest National Park was another fabulous dose of eye candy. We wandered among the ancient logs and scanned the vast painted desert panoramas. It was sunny and mild, with few visitors. I have to say that Rt 180 leading to the south entrance through the desert is one helluva lonesome road.

Tomorrow… Texas!

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