Grand Canyon AZ: Jeep Tour Day

Nice to have a day when we turn the driving over to someone else. So we bought into a combo morning/afternoon jeep tour.

The morning tour was a little ho-hum. Drove through the forest, saw a few elk, then wound up at tourist-y Grand Canyon Village and the most popular views, which we could have seen easily on our own steam. It made us itchy enough to cancel tomorrow night’s stay here and start working our way back east.

But our afternoon tour was special. Jim and I alone with the driver, drove to a secluded part of the forest to view ancient Indian petroglyphs and pictographs on a shallow cave wall. A break from the vast canyon — phew. Pine trees, sage and juniper bushes — a hunting site of Indians who lived within Grand Canyon. Cool. Magical.

Tomorrow we’re headed for Gallup NM, via the Petrified Forest.

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One Response to Grand Canyon AZ: Jeep Tour Day

  1. kelly says:

    i LOVE that area of the country! spent new years 2000(?) bebopping from cool place to cool place with sean and some friends. it was painfully cold, but i loved it anyway…grand canyon, painted desert, petrified forest, canyon de chelly, four corners area. gorgeous! mysterious, but i felt at home there. hope you’re enjoying it as much as i did!

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