Grand Canyon: Mesmerizing

Today we did our obligatory drive to all the Grand Canyon viewing spots on the South Rim, east of the Visitors’ Center. Cameras glued to our faces, of course. Every once in a while we had to remind ourselves to quit trying to compose great shots and just gaze into the infinite magnificence of the canyon.

The day was sunny and breezy — perfect. As with all over-photographed wonders, the reality of the Grand Canyon was less garish, more subtle than expected. You could just let your spirit fly down to explore all the layers of soft greens, ochres, reds, tans — a complex multi-dimensional crazy quilt of geology. Our photos will never do it justice — they’ll only be reminders of perfect moments.

Yesterday was crazy — I think I reacted to the 7000+ altitude, which made me react fast to my wine-then-margarita, then made me headachy and sleepless. But today — acclimated!

We arranged for a jeep tour tomorrow to some territory west of here.

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  1. nilky says:

    It is absolutely breath-taking… literally. I can’t wait to show Jean on our upcoming trip… sometime, heh.

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