Taos NM to Farmington NM

We had a wonderful meander across northern New Mexico today — the Rio Grande River gorge toward Santa Fe, the mind-boggling red rocks of Abiquiu that inspired Georgia O’Keefe, and the white rock mesas of Apache country that looked like old cowboy movies. And cowboys driving a small herd of cattle!

Our afternoon’s destination was the “Aztec Ruins National Monument” which really has nothing to do with Aztecs. They are  the amazing stone “apartment” dwellings of the Ancestral Pueblo people. Sacred territory.

Then we went to the funky pioneer museum in the small town of Aztec. Lots of rusted farm and oil-drilling implements and a facsimile pioneer village. Definitely off the beaten track.

We’re staying at a pretty decent Marriott Courtyard motel but I’ve been freaking out because their internet was blocking me from getting my email. It reminds me that I’m too device-dependent. When you are journeying back into the days of yore and into cultures that have found spiritual fulfillment from the land, throwing a hissy-fit over email is just… wrong.

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