Colorado Springs CO to Taos NM

Today was about wind, gusting across the roads, challenging our grip on the steering wheel. It made for swirling blue horizons and occasional tan duststorms. I was happy to be in our low-slung heavy Camry (with its new tires) rather than an RV contraption, even though we could have used an extra couple cylinders on the long ascents.

We had been kind of planning to route ourselves around northern Colorado, but I’m still antsy about weather in the Rockies. Last night, as we gazed at our maps, we made an impulse decision to go back to one of our favorite towns, Taos, New Mexico. We’ll do a gallery crawl tomorrow to give our eyes a break from the road.

(I keep trying to add photos, but am frustrated by one thing or another… enough of devices… have a glass of wine.)

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