My Box Of Maps

Okay, maybe I’m being a little anal sitting here and labeling my AAA Tour Books on the top edge with a fine point Sharpie. Actually, it was kind of fun. And makes fitting them into our map box very efficient.

I know that GPS and electronic maps are all the rage — got ’em — but it really feels like traveling when you can open a big old road atlas or unfold a slightly edgeworn map to plan a meandering route on old highways and state roads… with highlighter in hand, logging the miles.

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One Response to My Box Of Maps

  1. Pat says:

    oh my gosh…I am hysterical!! A GREAT PICTURE OF ANAL!! ME TOO!! I got my Atlas and maps out today, getting ready for our July trip. I think the labeling on the top edge with a fine point Sharpie is and OUTSTANDING idea. Oh my gosh…I just went hysterical again!!

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