Circling in on Plan B

The car mechanics are still mumbling and shaking their heads over our silver bullet — our utilitarian road-happy little Corolla, which got rear-ended on Friday. Even though we drove it to the shop without shimmies or shakes, they are saying the damage is “extensive” and will take more thanĀ  10 days to fix.

Not what we wanted to hear.

So this morning I brought my grand old Camry in to get 4 new tires and to be brought back to her former road-queen readiness. She is 10 years old but only has 60,000 miles — slightly less fuel-efficient than the Corolla, but not bad at all — plus a little roomier. So this will work out well (if I ignore the $1500 tab).

Beyond getting that straightened out, this has been a totally useless day.

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