My Husband’s People Were Puritans

I’m poking deep into Jim’s uber-WASP history. The Rev. Robert Fordham, his daughter Florence, and son-in-law John Carman blew into the Massachasetts Bay Colony shortly after its inception — in 1631. This means (a) they were Puritans and (b) they were mad as hell at the Church of England and (c) they had lots of get-up-and-go. And whoa (d) were they ever risk-takers!

Dissatisfied with Roxbury Village (now in Boston), they worked their way down to Connecticut. Then Fordham and Carman paid a visit across the Sound to Long Island, liked what they saw, and bought 120,000 acres from the local Indians. Hampstead, NY — from the Long Island Sound to the Atlantic Ocean — they owned it! Florence Carman gave birth to the first WASP on Long Island.

I’m so impressed.


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  1. Pat says:

    So love all this history!

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