Mindless Pause

I’ve been bustling all week getting ready for a Friday visit from an antiques dealer to La Paz Museum. (Paz. P.A.Z. Price and Zimmer. Also peace in Spanish. Get it?). Finally, our sales items are laid out on the kitchen table, all labeled, priced, referenced, etc.

I’m feeling braindead now, munching on popcorn, with no energy to open another project. So I’m doing things like sorting through old emails and making filters and labels… something that feels mildly productive but isn’t much.

This is a photo of copper and brass powder flasks. Gun powder. One of the collections we’re offering. Who knew we had several dozen? They are pretty little things, decorated with hunting scenes and eagles and dead rabbits — from back in the day when ammo had to be concocted in the field. You’ve heard the old saying: “Keep your powder dry”? That’s what these were for.

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