Let’s Get “Healthcare” Done

I’ll admit the government is screwed up, but I’m increasingly chilled by the total perversion of the health “insurance” (so-called) industry. I am increasingly chilled by the thought that my insurance company is beholden to its profit-seeking stockholders and not to the human beings who actually purchase insurance with the idea that if we get sick, we’ll have it covered.

I have a master’s degree in Community Health — decades ago I learned about the warped economics of health care. I get the nuances. Free-market economics don’t apply because the people who receive the services are different from the people (if you can call corporations “people” which I guess the Supreme Court said we must) who pay. But at least it used to be that good old Blue Cross/Blue Shield was not-for-profit and had a local board of directors with a little heart.

Now, we got Stockholders and we got very clever computer systems who can zero in on vulnerable LOSERS and pick them off. What a great game. Until you get that horrible diagnosis, followed up by that merciless letter from your insurance company, dropping you from the plan.

We enter war, we incur debt at the drop of a hat when someone mentions “terrorists.” Is the insurance industry any better than your common jihadist — holding us hostage to their laughable ideas of “free market” and ooooooooooooo “socialistm.”

Let me just say that I’m damn glad the government has “taken over” our water system. If it was in the hands of Wall Street then we’d all have to stop taking showers for fear our drinking water would be cut off. Bleh.

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  1. jack hession says:


  2. Pat says:

    I. too, feel such a HUGE need for health care reform…but YOU…. “IN your SHORT/meaningful BRIEF”….. MAKE IT “ALL”…. MAKE SENSE. How can we “forward” your short brief….how can we “ring the bell” of those in control? “HOW”? INDEED?

  3. Pat says:

    Just read your article to Joe…He was soooo impressed…how your article brought the whole issue “to a head”! Just thought you’d like to know his opinion of your written word too!! HOW CAN WE SEND IT ON TO THOSE IN POWER?

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