Who’s Got Your Back?

Playing around with some ideas… liking the thought of combining the cartoon “me” with photos. This didn’t turn out like I envisioned (what does?), but just doing it is progress.

(Photos top: Catherine Martin Dunne [ggmo], Maggie Keville Flanagan [ggmo]; middle: Bridget Dunne Price [gmo], Mary Barrett Hohmann [aunt], Nellie Flanagan Kraleman [g’aunt]; bottom: Kathleen Barrett Price [mo]; Kitty Flanagan Barrett Curran [gmo].)

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One Response to Who’s Got Your Back?

  1. Pat says:

    Susan (said in a hopeful & twinkling & questioning way) Could this (photos & drawings messed together) be the special and unique “Susan Barrett Price” style that is used in “Grand Exits”?

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