Follow the Bouncing Ball

I’ve been working hard this year to maintain focus on a limited number of things. Avoid swimming on the surface; go deep. Fine. But now a little bored with myself. Need to loosen up. Boing!!!

This week I’m pinballing between “bible studies” and “techno-obsession” — with some cooking and some vacation planning in between.

When I listen to “The Bible: A Biography,” I feel like I’m partaking of the whole of Western civilization as seen through the eyes of religious scholars and sages. Then I find myself with an ache in my neck trying to figure out my new camera and struggling to scrounge up a few new tabletop photography skills.

I guess both activities are about “seeing the light.” This doesn’t come naturally to me.

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One Response to Follow the Bouncing Ball

  1. Pat says:

    Sounds like you are humming alone….. neat new camera…neat new knowledge…travel and cooking! What else is there! Well maybe a final draft of “Grand Exits” in Pat’s in-file 🙂

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