And When I Say “Never,” Pay No Attention

photographWasn’t I just telling somebody that I would never get another fancy camera again — that they were too heavy, too complicated, and an impediment to my taking pictures at all? Wasn’t I just saying how I loved my point-and-shoot?

So why did I find myself in a fevered state yesterday morning buying an SLR online from BestBuy and rushing down to Henrietta to pick it up immediately?

Why do I get in a fever about anything? A little restlessness? An addiction to the learning curve?

The most photography I do is right here at my desk, documenting collections and snapping shots for Ebay. “Tabletop photography.” For a break on Saturday I started watching YouTube videos on the subject. I like it when the camera is tethered to your computer and you can control everything from there. But, to my hair-pulling frustration, “remote capture” isn’t possible with my little Canon SD600. Fast forward through my maddening research. I wound up requiring a Canon EOS Rebel (the lowest end of their high end).

Fast forward through my heart-sinking,  grumpy learning curve.  This afternoon I got my pay-off. The little figurine photo here is a sage, about 2-1/2 inches high, carved from ivory (or whatever). I may be a long way off from the most dramatic photo, but at least I have a new tool to play with.

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  1. Pat says:

    OOOOO A NEW CAMERA!! YES!! Want to hear more! Gorgeous figurine pic!!

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