If I’m Reading The Bible, Is This The Sue-Pocalypse?

Christiane Amanpour said her favorite character as a child was Jo from Little Women, so I started re-reading that*… then I had to look up Pilgrim’s Progress** and the next thing I knew I was downloading the Bible*** to my iPhone. My Mardi Gras outing had been canceled so I settled in with Genesis.

At the risk of a lightning strike, I have to say that God sounds like, well, kind of mean-spirited. He made us; he messes with us. He toyed with Cain by rejecting his offering. He wiped the gameboard clean with Noah, who turned out to be kind of jerk himself. When the people at Babel got too successful and cooperative, he screwed them up by suddenly making them speak all different languages. And I’m only on Chapter 18.

I can understand why the Jews developed a tradition of arguing with this God, but it’s hard to fathom why the stories of Genesis are still in style. And what is it in particular that fundamentalists find so inspiring here? Something about the scary arbitrariness of power? And how do Creationists sort through the jumble of contradictions?

There must be something I’m missing. So on I will read.

*free download on the Eucalyptus app

**Wikipanion app

***YouVersion app

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