Tabletop Video for Product Sales Descriptions

I love when I can innovate with materials on-hand. I bought a teensy Vado HD camcorder (like a Flip) back in November, at a sale price that I couldn’t resist. After fooling around with it on our trip to Florida, I had mixed feelings — esp. now that the iPhone 3GS does video. I was about to throw it on Ebay to sell when I got the bright idea that maybe it could help with other ebay sales. As long as I could mount it on a tripod… yes! The Vado software uploads directly to YouTube and you can embed YouTube videos into Ebay product descriptions.

My first product video was lame, but today I think I got the hang of it. I cleared off my work table and cranked the tripod up to about 5 feet. (I’m selling illustrated books at the moment, so I need a lot of demo space.) Covering the table with a piece of black velvet made a perfect glare-free background. I need to handle the book to show both its assets and its flaws. I supposed I could talk about the book as I page through it but what’s the point? If people are looking at my descriptions in their cube at work, they don’t need a lot of info-mercial gushing on my part. All the right words need to be in the print description.

Here’s a sample video (if you can’t see it — and if you must — you may have to visit my blog directly):

I have no idea whether this will help my sales, but it actually could save me time diddling with ya know what I have to diddle with to get a multi-picture display going.

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3 Responses to Tabletop Video for Product Sales Descriptions

  1. kathleen price says:

    Very interesting and to see you turn the pages.
    Also, Happy Valentines Day
    Love to you and Jim, Mom

  2. Pat says:

    Very neat sales video!!!!!!….How about trying a black glove with a golden arrow on your pointer finger. 🙂 Yep! I’m back checking on you. AND WOW! Have you been productive!

  3. Pat says:

    On 2nd look: Clever how you have a pic of the camera taking a pic of a book of pics 🙂

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