Ebay Blues: Redoubling My Effort

Earlier I was obsessing over over my ebay fee hike and was planning to bail out. I couldn’t get it off my mind, so I dug into my store paperwork to tidy up my records before jumping into a new strategy.

By noon I had talked myself into upgrading from the $16/mo. Basic store (with 20-cents/item/mo) to the $50/mo. Premium store (with 5-cents/item/mo). Long story short, I can make up the shortfall by shifting my sales focus from trashy ten-buck items to more treasurable $50-$100 buck items. At least I can give it a chance for a couple months.

This doesn’t get me off the hook for rethinking my overall sales strategy, but it’s a step.

Strange weather — snow back on the ground, with howling squalls and dropping temperatures… but the sun is shining.

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