Ebay Blues: I’m Outta There!

Ebay sends out a press release and letter to sellers:

The upfront cost of selling on eBay is about to be dramatically reduced with our lowest Insertion Fees ever.

The retweeting set mindlessly repeats the headline. Problem: the lowest insertion fee ever (3-cents per item per month) comes at the cost of a $300/mo store subscription. If I keep my current store subscription ($15/m0), my item fee will go from 3 cents per month to upwards of 20 cents per month — more than a 600% increase. No can do.

This might be the kick in the pants I need to rethink our sales strategy. I’ve been poking along with an ebay store since 2005. I’ve made some money liquidating the low-end collections and selling off my outdated geek toys. I have my work process down pat, but I haven’t figured out how to make it any speedier or more profitable.

So, here is an opportunity (I tell myself) to spend that time on higher-yield sales. Forget the penny-ante game. This means making friends with dealers who spend 100% of their time nurturing distribution channels. Selling wholesale gets the big jobs done.

I almost have the skills to host my own online store, using Paypal or Google Checkout. I’m researching that now. I’ll still be able to auction on ebay and preserve my best sales credential there: my 1100-100% customer satisfaction score.

Whatever direction I take, I need to make the most of my store before I close it when the new fees take effect March 30.

I’m very annoyed by this. I’ve been content to cruise along in my nice ebay comfort zone… now I have to make some damn choices.

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