Passwords: How Protected Are You?

Obsessional hell: I want my passwords safe and secure. But I want them at my fingertips when I need them. I want them available on my iPhone. And on my Netbook. But what if those devices get lost or stolen? Then what????

I used to keep them in a Roladex. Then I graduated to a spreadsheet. Then, when iPhone became my digital sweetheart I invested $10 in eWallet, which could sync between desktop and iPhone.

I never did like that app much — too much superficial prettiness, not enough under the hood. My breaking point: it would not transfer to my iPhone upgrade and tech support not found.

So I’ve been hearing about LastPass — one password manages all your passwords on every computer and it has an iPhone app. Syncing happens in the “cloud.” It also has “secure notes” for other things. Yes, it has a learning curve… doesn’t every damn thing? But so far I like it way better.

Special: When I bitched to the universe (via Twitter) about eWallet vs LastPass, @LastPass started following me immediately on Twitter. So when I came up with a question I directed it to @LastPass. Got a got response almost immediately. That’s customer service.

I fiddled with putting in all the passwords the software didn’t immediately find for me… then Jim and I took off for an afternoon in Buffalo, at the Albright Knox Gallery — a mecca for modern art in western NY. It was a wonderful tonic for an over-technologized brain. Tomorrow, another day off to go skiing.

(And, yes, I do need to actually change and improve my most sacred passwords more regularly.)

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