That Clanking Noise Is My Brain Shifting Gears

Yay, I finished my wave of Ebay listings and the sales are starting to trickle in. So now… back to my memoir project.

But first… an afternoon continuing my self-organization project. I looked at all my cards categorized as “Projects In Queue” or “Writing Ideas” or “Someday/Maybe” or “Journal Entries.” What a stew. Mostly they aren’t “projects.” They are “ideas.” Oh, I do have some abandoned projects, but I think if they are abandoned it’s because they needed to be demoted to the status of “idea” and allowed to ferment awhile in the back of my brain.

Simplify. Yes.

Last week was all about standardized process. Photo > Fix > Upload > Describe > Ebay > Spreadsheet, etc. Laps in the pool. 1, 2, 3, 4…

Next week should be about falling backwards off a cliff into a deep bay and figuring out how to swim out of the riptide while observing the coral formations and spotting the fish and avoiding the sharks.

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