This week: Ebay

That’s my goal this week: move a table full of stuff into my online store, then downstairs to my “sales warehouse” (i.e., shelves in the utility room). I got about 50 items here that must go.

Early morning work session: all the photos I took on Saturday uploaded.

Afternoon work session: only four items listed. This is because (1) I started with a pile of arcane scientific books from the mid-19th century. (2) I had to dig out my notes to remind me how to describe book conditions (shaken, foxed, dampstained, etc.) and book parts (spines, hinges, boards, fly leaf, etc.). I love learning, but hate re-learning. And (3) each book needs research to figure out whether the value is $5 or $500.

I got stuck on a book called Das Licht. Yes, in German. The Light. Something from 1877 about optics and the use of photography in science. I had Jim sitting here with his old German dictionary trying to figure out the words in the title. Yes, he bought it — 20 years ago — but had no notes or memory of it. And the author’s name was abbreviated, so we had a heck of a time with that too.

Finally I found that the author Theodor Sigmund Stein was a pioneer in scientific photography and had a big hand in inventing the endoscope (for all you who are now showing your friends photos of your esophagus). Then I found that Google Books has scanned the copy from the Princeton library and it’s online>>> but without any description. (The real book is so much prettier.) Then I found a dealer in Germany who has a copy for sale for over $700. Ohhhhhhh, that make all my research smell like paydirt!

Now I need to spend time describing it — this rare book will require a very rare customer, looking for just the right thing. Tricky. Words, words, words.

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