Danger! Danger! Susan Getting Organized!

“Organizing” is usually my code for “procrastinating.” But I really do have a lot to do. And I really can’t work if my workspace is working against me. So… cleaned out my in-box, neatened up my index card system, and re-read portions of “Getting Things Done.” Hmm… been skipping a few steps.

A well-organized day for me is divided into five parts: Creative Work (early morning), Physical Work-out (late morning), Not-So-Creative Work (afternoon), Communal Time (early evening) and Whatever (late evening). Ideally, I’d like to write in the morning now and do sales stuff in the afternoon. This really hasn’t been working.

If I get a flow going in one thing I don’t want to stop. There’s a good chance of actually getting something done, right? But if I force myself to switch gears (I’ve been noticing), a sort of random variation is introduced. One thing leads to another. I wander off into something totally not planned. This is fun. A new flow to go deep with. But sometimes my bewitched old river meanders off into a field and settles into a stagnant, mosquito-infested pool. Not what I had in mind.

So I’m going to try WEEKLY priorities and planning each day more carefully the day before. So I can find my groove… stick with it till something is done. This is not such an innovation, but I haven’t been doing it. As much as I love a darling creek, I need the big river to flow.

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