A Ton of Cookies, A Ton of Love

Back home from St Louis with an extra 4 lbs of cookie/pasta padding under my belt — our visit was a delicious orgy of family conviviality. In fact, I’ve been in official party mode since November 12, breaking bread with many local friends and roadtripping through a dozen states to see loved ones in Daytona, Tampa, and St. Louis.

The munch-a-thon is over. The wine bottle is corked. It’s time to undertake my annual meditation on what I’ve done with myself this year. I’m better with accountability than resolutions.

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3 Responses to A Ton of Cookies, A Ton of Love

  1. Pat says:

    Now maybe the munch-a-thon is over; but no way are you corking the wine bottle!! Smiling ear to ear, as a!ways!!

  2. Pat says:

    THINKING…. hey, 4 lbs……not bad!

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