Hangover: Party Season Has Arrived

I decided to invite a few local pals over for a glass of wine — a little 4 o’clock happy hour squeezed in among the busy family/work parties and shopping pressures. But it turned into a laughathon that lasted for 12 bottles of wine, making it about 10 PM when the last giggler left.

I’m having a hard time putting my finger on the exact subject matter that provoked such a mood of hilarity — most everyone naturally squeezed in a tight circle in my tiny kitchen — but then someone demanded I pull out the video of a “Hollywood” party I hosted here back in the summer of 2003 (when Jim was away at his college reunion). Watching tape of a bunch of professional women passing around a black Cleopatra wig and voguing for the camera — well, we were howling.

Great medicine laughter is.

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