How (My) World Works (Today’s Version)

My current memoir project is so full of ideas pulled from hither and thither that I decided to doodle it out into a philosophy diagram… or maybe it’s a “cosmology”… whatever.


It boils down to this: (1) my “superpowers” (hey, it’s my story) come from my women ancestors, who were pretty much all known for the big idea they had of themselves. Their gift to me. These superpowers come in both (a) protective and (b) seeker mode. Guidance (such as it is) is provided via my shoulder brats.

On the other hand, (2) there is my “garden of earthly delights” full of wondrous pleasures, temptations and distractions. These also get conveyed through the shoulder brats, who receive them while they are either (a) wayward and inattentiveĀ  or (b) focused and prepared.

For results, consult chart.

Even though it looks like I’m running for Pope of my own religion, this whole analytical chart business is very Catholic (or at least very popish) — lots of complicated concepts worked and reworked into something that makes sense (however briefly, as in my case).

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One Response to How (My) World Works (Today’s Version)

  1. Pat says:

    Oh yea!! I have been waiting (I cked in yesterday); and today I was not disappointed.

    (Smiling ear to ear) Yes… oh Pope of Barrett Pricedom: Your mountains and valleys might be smoothing out a bit and your crocked ways might be a bit straighter!(very popish) Note the words “might” and a bit…as I wonder. I roared on this part: “Superpowers”(Hey, it is my story); but it looks to me more like you have your “super pals”; providing checks and balances and that might be a very good thing. I protest the use of the word “brat”, as no part of you could be a brat. And my thought on your superpowers is that they are more like super “smart” powers — and these “smarts” are the gifts that came from your women ancestors, (yes- yes…..I can see “smarts” as being some times a plague-wayward- and sometimes a blessing-focused); but I’m thinking that your women ancestors “big idea of themselves” was their honest use and balancing of their super “smart” powers; maybe even when times did not obviously force or demand it (“before” chaos) — like “I’m outta here”!

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