Banished to Study Hall

Not very productive this week, project-wise. Pondering what mystical therapies or magical potions might kick my butt back into gear. Nothing. Decided on the most boring possible alternative: going to the public library. It worked.

The Penfield library is great. Easy chairs and a big fireplace. But the fire wasn’t lit — the place was cold as a warehouse. And I just couldn’t get comfortable in an easy chair. So I sat at a table — just like college, with my notes spread around me. Except I didn’t have a laptop in college. I even saw my friend Nancy, who curled up with her laptop in an easy chair by the unlit fire.

Okay, I just worked for one hour. But I got a lot done. So I rewarded myself by stopping at Target on the way home and buying a bunch of new tops, which I’m calling birthday presents.

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