Shoulder Angels, 4

I’m at the part in my Grand Exit memoir where I’m wondering what “unseen forces” might have influenced my various decisions to reinvent myself. I like my “shoulder angels” pushing me one way or another. And you know this memoir is supposed to be hilarious!!! — but Serious Sue has a way of turning everything into a bloody PhD thesis.

I’ve been fortunate in my choices and/or in my ability to escape choices. So [dot dot dot] I have received a gift. But from whom?

First, back to the angels. As I’ve discussed, mine are not the typical Christian good vs evil — but my shy, anxious protector(s)s vs my bold partner. Today during yoga class, I thought: it’s my YES vs my NO. On the way home I thought: like the Hindu gods, Vishnu the preserver and Shiva the destroyer. (Taking a leap to something new always involves destroying the old.) Then, here at my desk I thought: Zuzu and Zim! A few months ago I gave them each superpowers (check it out>>>). Zuzu provides a Protective Force Field. Zim is the Magic Seeker.

zuzu_superpower_01_thumbSo Zuzu points to my cautious, protective angel. And Zim… has a little more distance from me. He is out there. He carries the trident of action and boldness.

But [shuffling confusion] I don’t think “Zim” per se has been my gift-giver, as much as I know my actual Jim has led me into bold adventures and as much as I honor the sweet, sweet men who populate my family heritage.

I think the gift-giver — the action angel — is the collective spirit of the women in my family tree. I’ve thought about this before>>> Take charge. Don’t put up with any shit. This wasn’t what I had in mind. We’re moving! Those women. I might have to give my Zim icon (below) some boobs.

The Bold Gift-Giving Genius Angel?

The Bold Gift-Giving Genius Angel?

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