This Week on Planet Susan

Wish I could say I accomplished more. The Marlon Brando scrapbook (headed for ebay) is still on the table waiting for me to set up my camera. Unsold items from last week on top of it, waiting to be relisted. No writing worth a damn. But I:

  • Had drinks and dinner with an ex-colleague, who is retiring
  • Had a drink and dinner with my circle of ex-scuba-diving girlfriends, including one who left Rochester 8 years ago to live life on the open road with her husband and fifth-wheel trailer.
  • Gave excellent job advice to my sister (although it was after that first set of drinks)
  • Visited the podiatrist, who taught me how to correctly pad my Morton neuroma
  • Saw that my “Jack Kerouac: Writing Lessons” radio production made the PRX playlist, in memory of Kerouac’s untimely death 40 years ago yesterday. (I noticed the YouTube version has gotten more than 2800 views. One of the reviews says: The narrator has a voice like´╗┐ the girl who plays the main reaper in “Dead Like Me.” I wonder whether that’s good or bad.) (Okay, this doesn’t count as productivity, but it does count as productivity paying off. Okay, not exactly paying.)
  • Counted up the living descendants of my great grand-parents Catherine & Michael Dunne — at least 212, among the first 4 generations (and I know I’m missing a lot of Generation 4 kids who live in Ireland).
  • Reformatted the Dunne Family page, adding a little more info and getting it to print out cleaner.
  • Added a page for the Martin Family and drove myself nutty trying to find “Boston Pat” and “Ohio Pete.” Found some info on the family farm in Rushestown — more on that later.

Well, it’s only Thursday, isn’t it?

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