Down the Family History Rabbit Hole

Every once in while I get bugged by a family history question and get frustrated because I can’t just reach back in time for the answers. It started with this photo:

Men and Boys

Men and Boys

It’s a photo that is legendary because of the pouting boys: Curly (my dad), Bill, and Jack Price. And my grandmother’s notation on the back: “at bottom my three kids I must have belted you all look so sad.”

Uncle Pat remembered it showed John Coughlin, father of our newfound family member Mary P. so I dug it out. But as I look at it, no one seems quite sure about “Uncle Pat from Boston” or “Uncle Pete from Ohio.” Uncle impliesĀ  the brother of a parent or grandparent. But I thought I had all those people accounted for.

I’m swimming in the data I’ve collected and drowning in more online databases. My best clue came from (can you believe this) my dad. I have a worksheet in my files that he was using as he puzzled through names and relationships in the early days of his family history work. He lists Pete and Pat as brothers of his grandmother Catherine Martin Dunne. I’m looking for some confirmation. Maybe they were her older brothers. who emigrated to the US early on. But… it’s unusual for the oldest sons of an Irish family to leave, since they are usually the ones who got to run the farms… Someone must know…

Another tiny mystery: what was the occasion that got Boston and Ohio relatives to go to St. Louis?

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