Work In Progress

SusanSister-150x259pxI actually did some writing today — strung together 1000 words. Let’s see, if I do that every day for 50 days, I’ll have the first draft of a memoir. That brings us to… maybe I should say Christmas.

As I said yesterday, I’m working the theme of Grand Exits, which will be either Part I or Volume I of an overall theme of Wrestling with Discontent.

My Grand Exit theme page is here>>> It’s just a list of old entries for now — my source material. A work in progress (known in the writer biz, I discovered, as WIP). My navigational innovation is putting a button on each of those pages that returns the reader to Grand Exits, as opposed to Memoir Contents or Family History. Woo.

I’m also pulling some books off the shelf to read up on how other essayists and memoirists shape their material. Writing from real life can be delicate. While I’d like to point out that sometimes we’re more influenced by demons than angels, I really don’t need to air my grievances — at least not in a way that wounds people who were only trying to find their own angels or succumbing to their own demons.

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