“Grand Exits” as a favorite theme

exit-sq-200pxI’m honing in on subjects to develop. Various themes meander through my writing. Exiles and expatriates cropped up after I retired from the Institution. And more recently there have been explorations of God, Zen, & Other Things “Beyond Me.”

Grand Exits may have the most laughs, maybe a tear or two, and possibly a few yikes. Quitting jobs. Quitting people. Leaving home. That edge between flight and fight. That big decision about going versus staying. About knuckling down or packing up. Hanging in or shipping out.

I can include my immigrant ancestors — some more restless than others.

I can include that WWII story about my dad going awol from his hospital bed on a winter’s night in Wisconsin, standing in the train station in the snow — but he decided to go back and stick it out.

Naturally, I’m circling around, starting with organizing entries on my website, deciding on graphics. Using right brain to stimulate left brain — that’s what I’m calling it,anyway. (Others may call in procrastination.)

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  1. kathleen price says:

    I love your cartoon and reading youremail especially remembering your Dad’s night in Wisconsin. Love you and you will always do the right thing. Mom

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