Creative Process In Action

Susan-20090629-3-sq-300sqCoach Pat called last night to weigh in on my next book project: novel, bleh; “Lily Nash,” nah — just be Susan. Write a book of first person “revelations” called Mad in Pursuit: Wrestling with Discontent. Illuminate life from a new angle — give people a different perspective on things. Cover: photo of me with the angel-genius and monkey-demons on my shoulders.

We hammered away at her ideas vs my ideas. She was approaching from “self-help.” I was approaching from “literature.” We both like the insights that discontent brings. I sort of outlined it in my head today during yoga class.

Did I start writing? No. I decided to draw a little picture (above). What is it with me and pink? Darn Irish complexion.

(Five ebay sales this afternoon, so I’m working.)

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