MGM’s Billy The Kid 1955

I’m stumped. We have an original 14×11 lobby card for this movie dated 1955, but I can’t find any record for it on IMDB or anywhere. Not even in Jim’s old MGM reference books.

"Billy The Kid" MGM 1955

"Billy The Kid" MGM 1955

The actors are familiar, but I’m braindead about matching faces and names.

But wait a minute… there was a “Billy the Kid” made in 1941. Could this “1955 Loew’s Incorporated” be a … re-release? Checking IMDB again… Robert Taylor… OMG, it’s him. Mystery solved. Still, IMDB doesn’t list any 1955 re-releases… though it was released in Denmark in 1954. So, a little mystery lingers on.

Ok… at least  you all know I was working this afternoon.

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