Monday Afternoon Report

Got down to business this morning. Dickering with condo about fixing the decrepit plank under our backdoor threshold (I don’t want an invasion of carpenter ants come spring).

A dozen calls to get through the switchboard at the family medicine office — why even bother calling on Monday morning… but dealing with my ouch-y foot has finally reached the top of my list. Tried to figure out what kind of specialist the insurance will cover and who is “in network.” Wondering why people object to “government-run” health insurance — can there be anything more mysterious or arbitrary than a private health insurance carrier? Especially one that cheerfully lists reasons why you can be dropped! at the back of their slick booklet?

Changed the furnace filter.

Restarted my 20 minutes of Zen meditation practice. It’s been too long. Forgot how energizing emptying out your brain can be.

Got back to my projects.

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