Working in My Garden

Zuzu is overwhelmed by overgrown garden & bad drawing

Zuzu is overwhelmed by overgrown garden & bad drawing

Of course, that garden of mine is the sprawling Mad In Pursuit website. Every once in a while I go in to pluck a flower and find myself in an overgrown weed patch demanding an ecosystem adjustment.

At the moment, Pat D is the only one really digging into my archives for the rare orchids (am I pushing the metaphor too far?). And she was the one who pointed out that it could use some, uh, reshaping beyond the nice welcome gate I installed in the spring.

I started with the Memoir section — making some Content page improvements and beginning the laborious process of updating the stylesheets behind the little essays. Didn’t get too far… about second grade. But you know what panics me as I read through these? That I’ve already forgotten them — I’ve already forgotten some things I remembered 4 years ago about my dad. Can that be? Or do those memories seep back if you’re really quiet and if you let your deep mind take over?

I added a section at the end on Career Disillusionment. In six years this phase of my life has graduated from current grumpiness to misty history. Good.

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  1. Pat says:

    You go!! And be paniced…as they don’t seep back without a hammer. My hammer are my pictures. And you are fortunate that you have your wonderful Memoir garden.

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