Shoulder Angels, Part 3

Who's got my ear today?

Who's got my ear today?

Decided to let my writing dilemmas percolate on their own and put my pencil to another use.  In mid-August I got to thinking about shoulder angels, or specifically my angel-genius* vs my monkey-demon. Later (here) I decided the chattering monkey side was more like a Committee, charged with keeping me safe from risk-taking. And the angel-genius is The Partner — since all my peak experiences have been triggered by someone on their own adventure who has had complete faith in me to do my part.

Pat Drum took this picture of me, with lots of shoulder space, so I decided to play. I should have actually re-read my clever descriptions of the Committee members, but wound up just trying to create a composition that they, the Committee, wouldn’t force me to rip up.

*Genius: guardian spirit, of Roman mythology

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