Body Memory Says I’m Still Driving

trip doodle, spt 2009

trip doodle, sept 2009

Kept dreaming all night of driving, not on roads but on maps. Arms ache as if they’ve been gripping the steering wheel, but I think it’s because I started yoga classes again this week. Watching the PBS series on National Parks every night is keeping my mind on the road and on the beauty and history we tried to absorb the past three weeks. Pat is dangling images of Casita Travel Trailers and I’m contributing my vision of hauling it with a top-down Land Rover.

Am I hearing more trains in the distance… or is that just some new ringing in my ears?

Last year I came home from our month on the road with a whole series of cartoons on index cards. This year I dragged along all my markers, but only managed to eek out this roads-going-nowhere doodle.

Maybe we should have stayed a little longer in Idaho…

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