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Did Alice have to endure 4 days of rain when she left Wonderland? Enough already. But today the rain gave me an excuse (like I’m some kind of construction worker) to glue myself to the chair and do something with our trip photos. Mode: don’t overthink; just do it. Bing, bang, boom: Greatest shots here>>> Viewing the slideshow looks pretty good. By coincidence, the first and last shots are both of the Missouri River — first in Jefferson City, Missouri and last in Pierre, South Dakota.

I’m playing with Google’s Picasa for managing this trip’s photos. The software will whip up a movie, too, I discovered. So, zo-o-o-om:

If you can’t see the video via email, go directly to my blog>>> or to You Tube.

10/3/09 Update: You Tube identified my video as using copyrighted music. How did they do that? And my first offense! Rats. Anyway, I hastily found some royalty-free music to use and uploaded a new show.

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  1. kathleen and John says:

    That is so cool. A little too fast – but otherwise a delicious treat for the eyes on a vacation starved appetite.

  2. Pat says:


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