From Somewhere West of Cleveland, Ohio

Who would have thought there would be a rush hour on Saturday morning on the Chicago expressways? For all the planning we did on this trip, I neglected to pack AAA guides and maps for the Midwest and just figured… I don’t know what. We could have even arranged to meet up with my Chicago cousins, but we simply lapsed into that hellbent-to-get home phase — asphalt madness. After all the brilliance of the Rockies and the Western plains… driving rain yesterday, gray drizzle today. The Chicago skyscrapers were just a silvery phantom.

Madison… Chicago… South Bend… my coming-of-age corridor. Maybe it’s a good way to re-enter reality — reminding myself of those formative years.

If the weather had been better, we would have stuck with our plan to travel on secondary roads. Interstates are horrible — monotonous, intense, discourteous. We traded off driving every hundred miles or so… with a coffee/cookie break in-between to stave off the stupor.

Tomorrow: home!

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