From Worland, Wyoming

We are suckers for the scenic route… and yet… here we are in a town known for making kitty litter, from the nearby bentonite mines.

Again today, our planned itinerary was abandoned. We were going to head east through Montana. But a little map study last night had us gazing at a scenic route through Wyoming. So, from Gardiner, Montana, we headed back through Yellowstone — gazed upon the sulfur cauldrons and mud pots, got stalled by a herd of buffalo (see today’s Facebook photo) — then headed out the east exit into Wyoming.

We thought that we could pedal-to-the-metal it to Buffalo WY, across the scenic Big Horn Mountains. But by noon we were still only on the outskirts of Cody (a city founded by Buffalo Bill Cody). Why punish ourselves with another 175 miles of hard travel? So we settled for Worland. Heavy equipment. Barley grain elevators. Bentonite. Kitty litter.

Nice Comfort Inn room with a refrigerator and microwave, so we’re going to raid our cooler and finish up leftovers for dinner.

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