From Twin Falls, Idaho

We started out the day contemplating birds and bison at the wildlife preserves around the Great Salt Lake. Beautiful — but bouncing along 22 miles of gravel road in our Toyota Corolla had our teeth on edge.

As we travel along, I have a parallel fantasy Me who drives an RV and/or an open-top 4-wheel drive vehicle. I’ve narrowed my fantasy RV down to one of those smallish panel trucks (think UPS with windows), where comfy easy chairs recline into beds. I’ve nixed motorcycles because they are so LOUD. But I do like to ride with the windows open now and then to hear and smell as well as see. I was thinking jeep… then we saw a woman today traveling in a Mustang convertible. I know that screams midlife crisis and I’m way beyond that. But still… Or a teensy SUV with a convertible top…?

But, back to reality, our little Corolla is kicking ass.

Idaho turns out to be kind of… vast. Ogden UT to Twin Falls took all afternoon, when I thought we might get to Boise. But Twin Falls is gorgeous, featuring a bridge over the Snake River Canyon. (See photo on my Facebook page.) We’re vegging out in our motel room now, deciding on a route for tomorrow…

Having a glass of wine… Smiling…

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