From Ogden, Utah

Yes, it’s just a Best Western by the side of I-15, but our window looks out on the mountains. Between us and the mountains is a railroad track, with double-decker freight trains going by every so often. With my glass of wine, I could sit here all night.

We left Moab this morning after a leisurely breakfast and headed north. We zigzagged around on the scenic byways but gave ourselves a break from photography. We just rolled along.

For lunch we stopped not far from Park City, home of the Sundance Film Festival. As we ate cold pizza from last night’s dinner, I figured this was about as close as I would get to Sundance, filmmaking-wise.

We circled clear of Salt Lake City, deciding on Ogden for our night’s stay. We’re planning to visit the wildlife sanctuaries on the Great Salt Lake before heading north to Idaho. Jim is reading a book I recommended: “Refuge” by Terry Tempest Williams. I read this memoir a couple years ago and it made me want to come here, so here we are.

Idaho is a major change of plans. We were headed to the other national parks in southern Utah, but everything is all booked up. Or at least booked up enough to stress me out. Europeans on holiday. Go figure. So, bing, bam, boom — doesn’t Idaho look interesting!

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