Getting Organized

“Getting organized” is usually my code phrase for going out of my mind. Vacation planning can bring it on. Especially because both Jim and I are in the same frame of mind.  We like to go away with our house in order. First, how sweet it is to come home to a peaceful house — no messes. But then, there is always the worst-case-scenario planning. What-if? What-if??!!

Once you get into disaster preparedness mode, the obsessions multiply. I wanted to give our lawyer an updated list of information, but was suddenly paranoid about sending it through the US Postal Service, which never bothered me before. So, we hand-delivered the list.

Then I decided we would do an insurance video: walk around the house, showing all our stuff, in case disaster strikes. It was kind of a quickie, not very professional. Hermanita the parrot was screaming at us the whole time. She hates any activity where she is not the main attraction.

I’m systematic about backing up my computer to a second external hard-drive. But that’s little protection if the house burns down or if someone breaks in and grabs everything. So now we’re going to take my backup drive to a friend’s house while we’re away.

In the final analysis, you have to let all the paranoia and obsession go. You do what you can. Then you live your life.

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