New Book Trailer Up

While everyone is doing video promos for their books, I’m stuck back on radio — though it’s a little tricky to upload radio to YouTube, so I need at least one visual. My friend Lesley pointed out that radio was like reading — you need to focus all your attention through one sense to enter an imaginary world. I like that connection.

And I like mockumentaries. The first Passion and Peril Radio promo is here>>> on YouTube. Its “news” looks in on the state of affairs as the book opens.

The “video” below takes another journalistic glance at the characters deep into the action.

(If you can’t see it here, check it out at YouTube>>>)

I’m getting to like this other fictional layer to my novel: While the drama is unfolding among the book’s characters, the “i-reporters” are buzzing and sending their tidbits back to a little pirate radio station, broadcasting from somewhere like Switzerland, a station you can only pick up on a clear night at the far end of your AM dial. The world is eavesdropping. The story gets told from a different angle. That intrigues me.

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