Back to my Ebay shop

When my creative efforts start to drift, when “going with the flow” meaning twirling around stupidly in an eddy with no forward motion, I need to portage myself over to a new stream. My Ebay shop. Ebay is practical. Ebay means cash.

So this afternoon I contemplated the bottomless shelves of movie memoriabilia and pulled out the stack labeled “lobby cards.” I stuck pieces of drafting tape on my scanner to measure 11 x 14. Started slapping on the old movie theater photos and posters. High Noon. The Godfather. Treasure of the Sierra Madre. A 3-D extravaganza called Inferno. A 1930 Eddie Cantor vehicle called Whoopee.

Baby steps, I tell myself. Just get a few things scanned. Nevermind about the rest of the uploading, describing, blah, blah, blah. Baby steps.

The baby step strategy works pretty good for me. One baby step leads to another baby step. If babies had to think ahead to kindergarten, to adolescence, to marriage, to old age, they’d sit in their playpens forever. But no, let’s just do this baby step right now. It works well with the Scarlatt O’Hara strategy: I’ll think about it tomorrow. Tired of the baby step, think about it tomorrow. It’s okay. Just do… this… one… more… little… thing…

Before you know it, the listings are done and the sales begin their slow trickle in.

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