Castlewood #wikifail But New Pages Anyway!

Always a glutton for techno-punishment, a month ago I launched into setting up a “wiki” to collect all the information I have on Castlewood, Missouri. The idea was to set it up so that Everyone could start contributing their own family memories of this magical place, where both my mother and I spent our childhood weekends.

Rats. Wikis (esp. my brand Tikiwiki) have sprawling support systems, not a neat little manual you can take to bed with you to study up. I sort of “got it” but not enough to give instructions to my fellow Boomers, who (you know who you are) can’t even navigate Facebook. Enough with the learning curves.

Meanwhile, my new Castlewood friend Chuck was sending me his great childhood memories. My obligations were piling up.

So yesterday I decided to hell with the wiki. I have web pages. I know web pages. I’ll just transfer all my wiki-crap over to Mad In Pursuit.

Pow. Pow. Pow. Here it is>>> Still a little rough around the edges, but prettier than my wiki pages.

Along the way, I compiled a mailing list of about 25 people who had sent me their memories. Zapped an email to them this afternoon. Hope they’ll be interested in contributing some more.

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