"Review from a Bisexual Youth"

Every once in a while, I get a surprise in my mail. Just as I’m focusing in on my wild tales of smuggling and hi-jinks in exotic places, someone takes note of something else I wrote, this time my “Remembering Charlotte in the Rain,” a 3-min radio story.

Review from A Bi-Sexual Youth. This piece was very strong. The way you set up the story was wonderful and the rain in the background helped the story move along and helped it stay connected. It was interesting that Charlotte wanted to be called a different name, a male’s name at that. And that she showed more and more that she liked girls. It’s very sad that she committed suicide. But in fact, bisexual, gay, and lesbian people have a higher suicide rate. I too, have been suicidal. I think part of it is because we go through our lives being told that our life style is ‘wrong’ and that there is some flaw with us. But we are all human, we all love. Who we love (what gender we are attracted to) should not matter. I am very sorry about your friend. This piece is beautiful. Wonderful job.” by W.J., 16 years old.

It breaks my heart to think of teenagers feeling despair. It’s such a tough time of life, so easy to be lonely in a crowd. Being lonely in old age is a sad thing, yes, but the older you get, the more you understand about silver linings and lights at the ends of tunnels and seasons for every purpose under heaven. Youth is tough.

The best part of writing is when it touches a stranger.

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