Electronics: Binge & Purge

Okay, I confess. I bought myself one of those sweet Dell Mini-10 computers. It’s what people are referring to as a “netbook” — a 10 x 7 laptop suitable for email and websurfing. I love it. My other “laptop” (which will continue as my desktop alternative) is a monster that feels like I’m holding a coffee table on my lap.

I have downloaded the OpenOffice Suite (I’m SO into free software) to my new Mini, so it is now officially my writing & traveling machine. Let the chapters flow.

Don’t ask about my home network. Ok, I’ll tell you anyway. After spending 5 hrs uploading a 3 min movie to YouTube, I upgraded to Roadrunner Turbo (+$9.95/mo). BUT my wifi router was ancient and a bottleneck. So I had Time-Warner install their wireless cable modem (+$4.95/mo) — out with the Linksys layer. Fantastic. Everything speedy. But computers, printer — none of them saw each other anymore (not that it ever worked great with Linksys).

I. Do Not. Understand. Why. There is no. Manual. For. File-Sharing. After much pounding and cursing and magic-potion drinking, I discovered that my network could be mapped through the McAfee Security Center. WTF?! Anyway, I guess my little community of computers are all speaking to one another now.

So here it is Friday. Whosoever binges must purge. On the Ebay block this weekend will be: my iPod Classic (the one my sister made me buy), my Palm TX handheld (that went to Ireland with me), my Palm wireless keyboard (never used — geek), my old Motorola cell phone (that went to Italy with me), my Motorola Bluetooth headset (never used — don’t get that many calls), and my Philips Noise Reducing Headphones (no sentiment here; they work but are hot & heavy on my head). Oh, the tides, they ebb and flow.

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