Noisy Hospitals

We must live a quiet life. I know we do, except when the parrot demands attention. Does this make us doubly intolerant of noise?

We went to the hospital clinic this morning where Jim was scheduled for a routine procedure. I brought a book to read.

But in the waiting room the “Today Show” was blasting from the TV. When I followed Jim to the procedure room, some woman was yakking loudly in the next cubby, then the alarm and Code Red testing commenced. Through one piercing alarm test, all we could do was cover our ears and hope for no permanent damage. The nurse just shrugged and said, “It’s a requirement. We hate it, too.”

I went down to the cafeteria for coffee. It was nearly empty and quiet at 9:30 AM. Ahhh… But then the maintenance man came in with screwdriver attachment on his electric drill and began tightening all the screws on the bottom of the chair seats.

I can’t imagine what all those decibels do to someone who is truly sick or stressed out over a loved one.

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